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Outsourcer automates everything for loading data into Greenplum from Oracle and SQL Server.


Oracle Source

Advanced Features


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9 thoughts on “Outsourcer

    1. Jon Post author

      Do you think it should be optional per table or a global setting?

      I have also been thinking about adding the option for Append-Only (Append-Optimized in 4.3) and I’m not sure if this should be a global setting or per table. Thoughts?

  1. Michael Gerstein

    I think, per table is the easiest way to do that, because PKs and AppendOptimized are usually needed for very small subset of the dataset – both only on extremely huge tables that either need to be loaded faster or should not occupy too much space. Also, it would be nice to add some simple partitioning, but it goes too far, I guess. The easiest way would be, I think, just to add “SQL” option, where user can simply modify the generated script and add what he wants. It is useful to have the table definitions as well – for example, if I need only “date” instead of timestamp field, etc.


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