Outsourcer 5.0

Outsourcer 5.0 is now available. This version addresses most of the requests that I have received since the release of 4.0. I’m very excited to complete this work!

Outsourcer now uses External Tables with gpfdist rather than External Web Tables. This is a big change and allows you to install Outsourcer on any host that is accessible to the Greenplum Segment Hosts / HAWQ Data Nodes. It also reduces the load on the Master server.

Installation does more checking and automation.

Root is no longer needed for installation.

start_all and stop_all scripts are provided to ease starting and stopping Outsourcer.

A new set of screens for creating your own Custom External Table with a pre-defined SQL Statement.

You can install multiple copies of Outsourcer to load data to multiple databases.

Source Code

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