Greenplum on Cloud Utilities

Greenplum on AWS, GCP and Azure have so many features that make it easier to run and manage Greenplum in the cloud.


gppower is a new utility that integrates with each cloud provider to automate the pause and resume of the cluster.

The pause command will stop Greenplum, Command Center, and even PXF before it then suspends the segment virtual machines. This is designed to save you money because the IaaS providers do not charge for the compute time of stopped VMs.

The resume command reverses this by starting the VMs and then starting Greenplum, Command Center and PXF.


This utility also integrates with the IaaS and allows you grow storage independently of compute. Each IaaS has different attributes in regards to this feature worth mentioning.

Growing the disk size is online for AWS and GCP. The database doesn’t even need to be stopped. For Azure, gpgrow will automatically stop and deallocate the VMs so that the disks can be modified. It will then start the VMs and Greenplum before expanding the disks.

gpmaintain & gpcronmaintain

This utility automates the common maintenance routines needed for Greenplum. The “cron” version makes it easier to schedule your maintenance. The configuration file is in /usr/local/greenplum-cloud/conf/.

The utility automates the execution of analyze and vacuum. It checks for bloated tables too.


This utility makes it easier to install optional components like Command Center. Just run it at the command line to see the list of optional components.


This utility automates the start, stop, pause, and resume of pgBouncer. It is intended to make it easier to use the load balancer.

gpsnap & gpcronsnap

This has been a popular utility! It automates the backup of the data volumes in your cluster for extremely fast backups. The backups are executed in parallel and can be used for disaster recovery.

Instead of copying the database to backup files, gpsnap relies on the IaaS disk snapshots to create a consistent backup of your database.

The “cron” version of the utility makes it easier to schedule the execution of gpsnap. The configuration file is in /usr/local/greenplum-cloud/conf.

gprelease & gpcronrelease

This utility automates software upgrades and when upgrades are available, the Message of the Day (the information displayed when you ssh to the master host) gets updated to let you know there is a new version available.

The utility not only upgrades the database but also upgrades dependent packages like MADlib and PostGIS.


Running Greenplum in the cloud is getting easier and easier because of utilities and automation that is available with Greenplum in the cloud. So be sure to check us out in your favorite cloud provider’s marketplace!

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