Managing Resource with Resource Groups

You might have missed the addition of Resource Groups to Greenplum Database version 5 but it is something worth looking at. It is an alternative to Resource Queues for managing resources but because of how it works, it makes the database faster!

Resource Queues prioritize and allocate resources and it does this at the process level in the operating system.

Resource Groups, on the other hand, rely on the OS Kernel to manage and prioritize resources. This alone, removes overhead of managing resources thus making it faster!

Resource Groups have more control over managing resources too so you can better control your resources. So not only is it faster, it gives you greater control over the cluster.

Implementing Resource Groups is easy too.

gpconfig -c gp_resource_manager -v group
gpstop -a 
gpstart -a

More information on Resource Groups are in the Admin Guide:

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