HAWQ 2.0 Generally Available and Outsourcer 5.1.4

HAWQ, or commercially known as Pivotal HDB, just had a major release that I’m really excited about.

Major Features
– Based on Apache HAWQ and also includes support for Quicklz table compression plus support for PL/R, PL/Java, and pgCrypto
– Elastic runtime which means more segments (resources) can be allocated automatically based on the complexity of the query
– YARN integration
– Dynamic sizing of the cluster
– Block level storage which enables maximum parallelism
– Single HDFS directory per table which makes it easier to share and manage data
– Fault tolerance enhancements makes it easier and quicker to add or remove data nodes
– HDFS catalog cacheing
– HCatalog integration which greatly simplifies accessing Hive data
– New management interface with “hawq” commands
– Support for Ambari 2.2.2
– Plugin support for Kerberos
– Better logging for runaway query termination

Product Page

Outsourcer 5.1.4
I also have updated Outsourcer to take advantage of HAWQ 2.0/Pivotal HDB 2.0. In HAWQ 2.0/Pivotal HDB 2.0, tables should be distributed randomly in order to take advantage of many of the new features. Starting with version 5.1.4, Outsourcer will now make all tables distributed randomly when the database is HAWQ 2.0/Pivotal HDB 2.0. For Greenplum and HAWQ 1.3, the tables will still be distributed by the source’s primary key if one is found.

Download 5.1.4
Source Code

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