Monthly Archives: June 2020

Backup & Restore

Backing up the Greenplum database was commonly performed by the gpcrondump utility but starting with Greenplum 5, this utility has been deprecated. You can still use it but it won’t be included or supported after Greenplum 5. Instead, you should use gpbackup to create database backups.

Greenplum 5

You still can find gpbackup with Greenplum 5 but it is not the latest version available. Instead, you should install the latest version of gpbackup to get the latest features and bug fixes.

Greenplum 6

The backup utility is no longer included with the database installer. This method of software delivery enables the Backup/Restore team to deliver software faster than if were bundled with the database installer.


This is so easy! Installation is done via a Greenplum package. For example:

gppkg -i pivotal_greenplum_backup_restore-1.18.2-1-gp6-rhel-x86_64.gppkg