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Default Storage Options

When you create a table in Greenplum, the default storage options make the table heap (appendonly=false) which also means the table is row oriented and not compressed. But, you can change the default with the GUC gp_default_storage_options.

Here are the defaults:

gpadmin=# show gp_default_storage_options;

And a quick test, shows how you can default to something else.

gpadmin=# set gp_default_storage_options='appendonly=true';                                                                                                                                               SET
gpadmin=# create table foo as select i from generate_series(1, 1000) as i distributed by (i);
gpadmin=# \d foo
Append-Only Table ""
 Column |  Type   | Modifiers 
 i      | integer | 
Compression Type: None
Compression Level: 0
Block Size: 32768
Checksum: t
Distributed by: (i)

You can make the changes permanent with gpconfig.

gpconfig -c 'gp_default_storage_options' -v 'appendonly=true, orientation=column'

And you can make it limited to a single database.

ALTER DATABASE mytest SET gp_default_storage_options = 'appendonly=true, orientation=column';