Monthly Archives: September 2015

Greenplum Database


There are lots of new features in this maintenance release of Greenplum database.

1. External Tables can now read Parquet and Avro files in HDFS.
2. Partitioned Tables can now have External Partitions. This would be useful to have a Greenplum table with some data residing external to the database in something like Hadoop.
3. More enhancements to the Query Optimizer.
4. Native connection pooling.
5. COPY commands can be controlled by Resource Queues.
6. Utility analyzedb can now analyze catalog tables.
7. Utility gptransfer has enhancements.
8. Improvements in resynchronization of segment mirrors.
9. Utilities gpmigrator and gpmigrator_mirror have enhancements.
10. Improvements in gpsupport utility.

Apache HAWQ

It is official! The Apache Software Foundation has accepted HAWQ into the Apache Incubator!

Here are the results from voting.

21 binding +1 votes
5 non-binding +1 votes
no 0 or -1 votes.

The Apache HAWQ site

Are you wondering what this is about or why this matters? Pivotal announced earlier this year that all products will be made open source. Pivotal already has many open source projects like Spring, Cloud Foundry, Gemfire, Redis, Open Data Platform, and Madlib but this will be expanded to include Greenplum Database and HAWQ.

HAWQ is already the fastest and most SQL compliant SQL on Hadoop offering in the market but not it will also be open source! This is a great thing for the Hadoop community as HAWQ is a very powerful tool for the Hadoop ecosystem.