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Outsourcer 5.0.4

Here is another new release of Outsourcer 5. I will likely have another release by the end of the week to further clean up the code so be on the lookout for that. I will update the documentation for release 5.0.5 as well.

I am making changes to Outsourcer 5 due to the move from External Web Table to External Tables using gpfdist. In my testing with 4 concurrent jobs, gpfdist seemed to work fine with only one process handling the load. After stress testing, I have learned that gpfdist is not multi-threaded and a single process can not handle the load of multiple jobs.

I have resolved this issue in 5.0.3 by starting and stopping gpfdist for every job. Upon further stress testing, I identified a potential problem when gpfdist fails to start properly. This would cause multiple jobs to fail in a cascading fashion.

5.0.4 resolves the scenario when gpfdist fails to start. The single job will fail and not affect other jobs.

This release also decouples the User Interface from Outsourcer processing jobs in the Queue. You can run Outsourcer without the User Interface running at all.

I also identified a scenario where Outsourcer 5 is installed on the Master was causing problems. The installer was expecting the installation to happen on the Standby-Master or on a dedicated ETL server so the installer would create a new .pgpass file and it would also backup an existing one. This would remove the gpmon entry for and prevent Command Center from working correctly. 5.0.4 now keeps the gpmon entry, if found, in the .pgpass file. If you have a Standby-Master or an ETL host, install Outsourcer 5 there instead.

And lastly, if you just want a stable release of Outsourcer that isn’t changing frequently, use Outsourcer 4.1.6 which hasn’t changed since January and uses External Web Tables.

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