Monthly Archives: November 2012

Outsourcer 3.0

I took the time of around Thanksgiving to work on Outsourcer 3.0. I have used the feedback I have received to enhance the security and performance of the application. I also addressed one of the known issues and found and fixed an unreported bug.

Administrator Guide


  • The External Tables created by Outsourcer no long contain the username and password for the source connection.
  • Oracle sources now use ALL_% objects rather than DBA_% objects. This means you don’t need to grant DBA or SELECT on the DBA Views in Oracle to use Outsourcer.
  • TRUST authentication is used to start Outsourcer so no password is stored.


  • Oracle connections are now faster and use less memory than with 2.x.
  • New External Table feature for defining a SQL statement to execute in Oracle or SQL Server to be the source of an External Table.
  • Better examples of the job types for Oracle and SQL Server


  • When a job fails and under certain conditions, Outsourcer could leave a database connection open to the source. Outsourcer now properly closes the connection on failed jobs.
  • If multiple jobs executed at the same time, it was possible for more than 1 job to attempt to create the target schema at the same time. This no longer is a problem.

Outsourcer 2.9.3

I found that for Oracle tables stored in MixedCase, I wasn’t creating the SELECT statement correctly but with 2.9.3, this is fixed. I somehow forgot to put double quotes around the table and schema name. This only affects Oracle objects stored in mixed case.