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Outsourcer 2.9.2

I would like to thank the great people at Virgin Australia for helping me find some opportunities to support more features from the Oracle database. Together we identified that I was incorrectly handling ROWID which I fixed in 2.9. With that release, I thought I would also make the support of an Oracle INTEGER better only to realize that I was already handling it in the optimum way so I fixed that problem in 2.9.1. Lastly, I am now support dollar signs for source instance, database, schema, and table names which is the 2.9.2 release.

Here is a link to the updated Administrator’s Guide which removes the known issue about a dollar sign in the password.

Administrator’s Guide

Outsourcer 2.9.1

I made a mistake in converting Oracle’s INT to Greenplum’s INT or BIGINT. Oracle doesn’t really have an INT data type and instead has a synonym for NUMBER. To complicate matters, the Oracle INT doesn’t conform to the limits of INT or BIGINT so these data types must be converted to NUMERIC in Greenplum which doesn’t have limits.

Outsourcer 2.9.1

Outsourcer 2.9

Outsourcer 2.9 contains enhancements for Oracle connections.

First, Outsourcer now supports ROWID and UROWID properly. In both cases, these Oracle data types are converted to VARCHAR in Greenplum.

Secondly, Oracle internally stores an Integer as a Numeric which doesn’t perform in Greenplum as a true Integer. Outsourcer now correctly identifies an Integer in Oracle.

The last enhancement is in the JDBC connection. Instead of using the SID, Outsourcer now uses the SERVICE NAME which supports Oracle Connection Manager.

Link to new download =>

Link to new documentation => Outsourcer_Administrator_Guide_2_9