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New Project: gpresize

I was working with a customer recently that wanted to try more segments per host than what was originally configured in their cluster without adding more hosts. This is possible with gpexpand but only if mirroring has not been enabled. Disabling mirror, however, is not a supported feature of Greenplum but it is possible. So, to facilitate this analysis, I created “gpresize”.

– Removes mirrors (unsupported feature in Greenplum)
– Backup the database with gpcrondump
– Expands the cluster using gpexpand
– Shrink the database by reinitializing the database and restoring from backup
– Add mirroring back using gpaddmirrors and gpinitstandy

Please, don’t use this in a Production cluster. I’m using unsupported commands to do this work and it is intended for evaluation purposes only. It is intended to help you easily increase the number of segments per host and then revert back if needed.